Mental Health America of Hawaii

Mental Health America of Hawaii is an island institution for mental health advocacy and education, serving our community for over 70 years.

This organization wanted to provide information and make an annual appeal to their constituents, but with over a decade of records in their database, they did not know where to begin. OrangeRoc’s first recommendation was to determine the effectiveness of the records in their database.

Our project began with research to gain insights on who was knowledgeable about their brand and mission, and in addition, who is still interested in receiving communication from them.




OrangeRoc conducted an online survey among donors and event attendees from the past 2 years in the database. Completion of the survey determined the size and accuracy of the database, and provided insight on mental health interest among the constituents. OrangeRoc then created and integrated the “Manapua Wellness Campaign,” a direct-mail piece with local flair that was sent to the revised constituent list.


Mental Health America of Hawaii was also in need of a more engaging web presence. We implemented a responsive web design to carry the Manapua Campaign through a digital expression and aligned the national branding of Mental Health America in the design. The website functions across all devices and includes programs specific to youth and adults, highlights their signature annual event promoting community mental health leaders, and includes an online donation portal.


A direct mail campaign can be an effective tool when integrated with email marketing in a patterned approach. OrangeRoc was able to create increased awareness and supported traffic to the website, which resulted in the opportunity for additional funding sources to the organization.