Bike Maui

After they won one of the exclusive contracts to operate organized tours within Haleakala National Park, Bike Maui and their sister company, Haleakala EcoTours, were looking to tune up their digital presence and create a coordinated marketing strategy.

OrangeRoc applied its creative range to visually unite two companies offering three ways to experience Maui. We developed a brand through companion logos, a collateral system, integrated eCommerce, and social media with paid digital advertising.

Operating several different styles of tours under different company names was causing confusion for tourists and tour resellers alike. OrangeRoc’s challenge was to unite the various companies as a family. We began by creating complementary logos, both following the same style, but with different color palettes with unique patterns that could be used on employee uniforms, tour gear to merchandise.

A new, fresh color palette with Hawaii-centric patterns was used across a wide range of materials, from brochures to print advertising to vehicle graphics. OrangeRoc managed the various social media platforms and built a refreshed digital presence for Bike Maui with a coordinated Google AdWords campaign.

Knowing how important resellers were to the success of the company, we produced and suggested reseller-targeted brochures, fact sheets, pricing sheets, targeted eblasts, posters and more.

Hope you have chance to explore Maui.